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Because the basic details of the competition are the same for all four divisions - Euphonium Artist, Tuba Artist, Euphonium Student, Tuba Student - all that information is contained on the Competition Overview page. These are the topics included in the Overview:

 • Eligibility   • Application Fees
 • Competition Process  • Cancellation & Refund Policy
 • NEW for 2018  • Competitor Responsibilities
 • Frequently Asked Questions  • Notifications
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Information about Awards is found under About Us on the main menu. First place award has been increased!

Information below is specifically for Tuba Student applicants.

Application process

The registration site is hosted and supported by International Tuba and Euphonium Association (ITEA), programmed by Jason Smith. This cooperation is most appreciated by the Falcone Festival Board.

For detailed information see Competition Process on the Overview page. You will need to have these things ready when you apply:
   1. Your one audio file of the correct type and size
   2. Your proof of age of the correct type and size
   3. A credit card for payment (MasterCard or Visa). If you do not have a credit card, you will need to contact Sue Topping at toppingsm@aol.com

Remember the deadline of midnight, March 31, 2018 (EDT). This is the same time zone as the US East Coast.



  • For music questions contact Mark Cox, music coordinator, at cox1ms@cmich.edu
  • For application/recording issues contact Jane Goodrich, preliminary round application coordinator, at goodric7@msu.edu
  • If a credit card is not available, contact Sue Topping, treasurer, at toppingsm@aol.com

Music Requirements for 2018 Festival

All music is available at Hickey's Music Online-Tuba Student Music

Semi-finalists MUST bring all semi-final and final round piano scores to the competition.

Preliminary Round (recorded with piano accompaniment)

Andante and Rondo – Antonio Capuzzi (C.F. Peters)
  NOTE: Play BOTTOM notes

Semi-Final Round (unaccompanied)

First Things First (Bass Trombone) – Frank Gulino (Cimarron Music)
  NOTE: Optional m. 44 (beat 3) – m. 46 (beat 4) perform down an octave
     - AND -
60 Selected Studies – C. Kopprasch (Robert King or Encore Music Publishers
   Number 27
   NOTE: Take all repeats.
   CORRECTED NOTE: King edition, take NO repeats; Encore edition as written.

Semi-Final Round (accompanied)

Sketches for Tuba and Piano – Michael McFarland (Tritone Press)
   Complete Work

Final Round (with piano)

Tuba Sonata – Anthony Plog (Editions Bim)
   Movements III & IV

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March 31...Application Deadline
May 1...Semi-Finalists Notified
August 10-13...Festival Competition 

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