The Competition

At the Leonard Falcone International Euphonium and Tuba Festival musicians compete in four divisions. Euphonium and Tuba compete separately and each has two age/experience divisions.

Participants in the Student Level Competition must not have reached their 20th birthday prior to December 1 of the Festival year. To compete in the Artists Level Competition, participants must not be a full-time paid professional in either a performance position or a college teaching position at the time of the competition. There is no age limitation, and participants may be of any sex, race, or nationality. In addition, previous first place winners of the Student Level Competition must enter the Artist Level should they compete in ensuing years.

The required music for all divisions and all rounds for a Festival is published in August shortly after the previous Festival concludes. In the Preliminary Round, participants prepare the required accompanied piece/s and submit them as part of the application process. Preliminary Round adjudicators listen to and rank the anonymous recordings for selection of Festival semi-finalists and alternates.

At the Festival, Semi-Final Round participants perform both unaccompanied and accompanied pieces. Festival adjudicators listen to and rate the performances at the Festival, but competitors are screened from the judges and identified by letters, not by name. The Final Round competitors are announced at the Sunday luncheon and have until the following day to polish and rehearse. All Festival adjudicators rate the final round competitors. The public is invited to attend all Final Round performances.

The presentation of medals and awards takes place following the Artist Final Round competition.


March 31...Application Deadline
May 1...Semi-Finalists Notified
August 10-13...Festival Competition 

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